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Friday, June 30, 2006

Pumpkin Bottled!

Last night I got my Pumpkin Wine all bottled finally! That's right, the wine that got this blog started is nearing completion! 9 months almost to the day after I started the wine, all that is left to do is wait for it to mature in the bottle.

I bottled 20 total 750 mL bottles - 18 were the Cobalt Blue Hock Style bottles and 2 were clear Bordeaux bottles - so I could see the wine to show it off, it was too pretty to hide! I also bottled 6 375 mL bottles with a 7th bottle about 3/4 of the way full. I went ahead and put this in the fridge to chill for early sampling - that will also give me an idea of whether this wine will be better chilled or room temperature. All my samplings so far have only been at room temp. The 375 mL bottles were all Cobalt Blue Hock bottles.

I don't have any photos yet of these bottles of wine, but I will get some and post them. I still need to get labels made and buy some shrink wrap capsules for the tops. So once I get those, I'll take more photos and post them as well.

Since I won't have any more updates on the Pumpkin Wine (except for photos) until it's finally time to open the first bottle, I will add links to this post to all of my posts that have mentions of working with the pumpkin wine. This post will become "Pumpkin Central".

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June 11th
Pumpkin Wine Filtering

That's it for now!


Blogger GollyGumDrops said...

I can't wait for the tasting notes!

6:09 AM  
Blogger Rob said...

Hi GGD! Thanks for reading.

I'm going to let it lay down for another month or so before I open the first one, but then I'll definitely post the tasting notes!

Incidentally, I printed out a form to enter the wine into the North Carolina State Fair amateur winemaking competition, so we'll see how that goes!

9:25 AM  

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