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Monday, November 21, 2005

Fermentation Complete!

I finally got around to checking the SG on Saturday. It was down to 0.990 - that's as low as it goes. That means that the wine is completely dry - all the sugar has been converted to alcohol. The next big step is to rack the wine and let it settle out some more as it bulk ages. However, something I read on Winepress has made me decide to wait a few days before this. Evidently, pumpkin doesn't compact as quick as other fruits. That is to say, the sediment in the bottom of the carboy is not as dense as it could be, and if I rack the wine before it has compacted more, I could lose quite a bit of the wine as it will still be in the sediment.

So a few more days before racking!

That is, unless I decide to go ahead and do it...


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