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Friday, November 04, 2005

Primary Fermentation Day 1

Nothing big happening. I can hear the airlock bubbling, so I know the yeast are at work, but there's no violent foaming yet. Hopefully that will come today. I stirred the must this morning to get so oxygen to the yeast and try to get them mixed in a little more so they can get at all of the sugar and nutrient and all that other delicious good yeast food! The smell definitely had a suggestion of ginger, and the taste was almost pie-like - not exactly pumpkin pie, kind of a mix between that, apple pie, and orange juice (?!). Weird stuff, but it tasted good! I could discern the cinnamon and ginger in the taste so I hope I didn't use too much as my plate isn't the best in the world (in other words, if I can taste it, then it's most definitely in there!)

Anyway, that's the update for now! Let's hope the fermentaqtion kicks it into high gear today!


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