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Friday, June 16, 2006

Merlot Bottled! (Again...)

Last night I felt that my Merlot was properly degassed, so I decided to bottle it once more. After some calculations to determine how many bottles I needed, I used 20 750mL bottles and 4 375mL bottles, with a couple of glasses left over for me. The wine tastes better since degassing, but will need to age a bit more to become even better.

One thing that impressed me about my process last night is that with everything I did, it took a relatively small amount of time and created virtually no mess! I washed the bottles, then sanitized them, racked the merlot into the bottles, and corked them. When all was said and done, it took probably about 3 hours. And like I said, mess free! I told my roommate, Lonzo, that maybe this was a sign of getting better at making wine...

Carm/Cab Update:

I measured SG of the Carm/Cab kit, and it had fallen down to 1.005. I was supposed to transfer to the secondary at 1.010, but I missed it. And as I measured the 1.005 late last night, I still didn't make the transfer. I will do that today. Late update: I did.


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