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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A couple of things...

Tonight I did a couple of quick things with my wine. I stirred my Carm/Cab that's in the primary right now (as I did acouple fo times yesterday) and checked the SG. It's down to 1.052 on the second day of fermentation.

I also did some work with my Merlot. Yes I bottled it already, but After tasting, I've been really unhappy with the wine. One major reason I've been unhappy is that the wine has still been fizzy. Evidently, I did not degas the wine as well as I should have. Since I have the Mity-Vac now, I decided I would open all the bottles and pour them back in the carboy, thenapply the Mity-Vac Vacuum to the carboy. I believe I got most of the CO2 out as I poured each bottle back in, but to be sure, I pumped the Mity-Vac, and got almost no extra bubbles. Just to make sure, I'm leaving a vacuum on the carboy overnight. I will have to re-bottle and recork tomorrow or Thursday night. It almsot hurt physically to have to undo a couple of days' worth of work to open the bottles, but if it makes the wine better in the long run, then it will have been worth it.

I have to say... I don't want to be one of the people who talks bad about Wine Kits, but the Merlot is so disappointing right now that I'm tempted. If the Carm/Cab, which would have cost an arma nd a leg if it wasn't for a handy gift card from work, turns out badly, then I'm eschewing kit wine forever. I'll have to find a way to start buying Vitis vinifera grapes and crushing them myself if I want to make grape wines after that. But I'm going to work hard as hell to make sure I do everything right with this kit - so I'll know it's not my fault if things turn out badly.

And to finish, scroll down for photos of the Pumpkin Wine after it has been filtered. You won't believe your eyes!


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