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Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Hey Rob, how's the pumpkin doing?"

Well, I'm glad you asked! I checked in on it the other day, and boy. It was messed up badly. It looked like all the Sparkolloid mixture got air bubbles in it and it was floating at the top. It looked horrible, the wine wasn't any clearer, and it was just a bunch of sludge up there.

So I decided to take my Mix-stir and just kind of stir things up by hand with it. I broke up the sparkolloid mixture, as it had kind of formed back together at the top. Then I stirred a little bit trying to get everything mixed in well.

That was all on Tuesday. I started the Sparkolloid on Thursday, May 25th. It was supposed to take a week. So I'll look at it today and see how it is. If it's still not looking great, I'll give it until next Tuesday, and then I'm looking for help!!

Update: I checked it last night. It looks like it may be beginning to clear slighty at the top, but it's still pretty cloudy. There is some sediment collecting at the bottom of the carboy, although this may just be the Sparkolloid mixture falling out and not taking anything with it. WORK, SPARKOLLOID!!!

I guess we'll see how it is on Tuesday!


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