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Friday, March 17, 2006

Strawberry Day 2

I couldn't wait to get home from work yesterday to check my Strawberry wine and see if it was started! So, I got in the apartment and set my stuff down, opened the closet door, turned on the light, untied the top of the trash bag (I set the primary in a trash bag and pull the top up and tie it just in case there are any violent foaming mishaps), and looked to see if the airlock was bubbling away like crazy.

Not so much. But... there were some bubbles, and it smelled slightly of fermenting wine. So I know it's working. It was early in the process - not every wine starts fermenting like mad at the beginning. Maybe today it will be going pretty strongly.

I wanted to note that the yeast I used on this was Lalvin K1-V1116, which they say is the "original killer yeast." This means, it's a very dominant organism which usually overwhelms any other organisms that might be in competiton for the tasty yeast foods - usually wild yeasts. It's supposed to be very strong and hearty, and can ferment under stressful conditions. K1 will usually leave a lot of the distinctive qualities of the fruit used as the base, so hopefully this wine will be very strawberry-y.

As I was punching down the cap, and stirring the must, it seemed to be a bit thinner than the smoothie consistencies of before. So I decided to try to take an SG reading again. This time is read 1.086. The wine had already started fermenting, so that's down from whatever the startign SG was, but now my guess for starting SG is around 1.090, which is stronger than I expected. But Hopefully, it won't affect the wine too negatively.

Anyway, we'll see how it's progressing tonight, and I'll report back when I can.


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