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Thursday, June 08, 2006

What to do about the Pumpkin?

With some ideas about Strawberry Wine

I got in touch with the Member of Winepress (Terry) who created the recipe I adapted for my Pumpkin Wine about how best to clear it. Terry suggested that perhaps I hadn't properly degassed the wine and that held the Sparkolloid mixture up. So as soon as I get my Mityvac, I'm going to try degassing some more. He also suggested I check with Alternative Beverage to see if they would rent me a Mini-Jet Filter. If I ran the wine through this filter with coarse filter pads and it started to clear up some, then I should run it again with sterile pads. If it doesn't clear up through coarse filter pads, then the issue might be a pectin haze - in which case I'll try adding some pectic enzyme and see if that clears it up.

Terry told me that he had never had any prolems with Sparkolloid, so he didn't believe the issue was with the agent. I'm going to try these suggestions he gave me, and rack again to another carboy and try to wait it out. Hopefully it will become clear pretty soon.

The silver lining is that I'm probably going to need to buy another carboy so I can keep the Pumpkin going, along with the Strawberry, and get ready to start my other kit, some new blackberry wine, and have room for blueberry wine in a couple of months. I might have to pick up some muscadines this year as well and try my hand at making wine with them.

If I can get a carboy this weekend, I should probably go ahead and rack my Strawberry Wine again as it has thrown out a lot more sediment. This wine is looking really good! I can't wait for it to be ready either! I'm really thinking about adding some white grape concentrate or possibly even some oak chips. Vanilla Beans have even crossed my mind. I'll be sure to report back what I decide to do.

Until then, have a glass of wine and relax!


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