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Monday, June 05, 2006


So last night I won a Mity-Vac on eBay which only cost me $12.50 plus $16.95 for shipping. These normally retail for around $60. So I saved a great deal! The Mity-Vac is a tool used by mechanics for bleeding brake lines. It's is a hand-held vacuum pump that will attach to a carboy cap and pull a vacuum on the carboy, thereby aiding a ton in degassing. One of the things that messes up most homemade wines is they are not properly degassed (meaning they still have too much CO2 dissolved in the liquid.) The merlot I just bottled is this way, so I picked up a Wine Saver Vacuum Pump for that. This is the Mity-vac I bought.

But today, as I was perusing eBay for other winemaking equipment and the such, I came across this offer. It's one of the most well written things I've ever seen anywhere. I thank heaven that we have people as erudite as this one in the great State of NC.

My only question is Where does one find 100% natural panty hose?


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